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With the relaxation of the lock-down restrictions, we will again to be returning to the limited activities at Worthy Moor, including our monthly steam-ups, and occasional boiler test days. These are detailed on the Meetings page

Please check the Boiler Testing page for important information regarding boiler testing, and below for general rules regarding attendance at Worthy Moor.

May's Picture of the Month

We celebrated the move out of lock-down with the resumption of our (socially distanced) monthly steam-ups.
Here we see Adrian and Tony tending to their engines, with Rowan, Paul and Claire in the background.

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Rules for visiting Worthy Moor

As before, the following general rules will apply:
  1. The club room must NOT be used at all for except for obtaining keys and cleaning materials.
  2. No more than 6 people on site at any time.
  3. Members must bring their own refreshments, lunch, and drinks. The club hut must not be used.
  4. TDMES will supply hand sanitiser which will be available in the Cathedral and Ladies Looe.
  5. Bring your own PPE for strimming/lawn mowing/maintenance.
  6. The Ladies Looe is available with hot water for hand wash. Please use the provided wipes to clean surfaces and the door handle, and finally hand sanitiser when leaving.
  7. Face masks are required when working close to others, for example in the steaming bays.
  8. Spray disinfectant or bleach to sterilise surfaces and machinery is provided and must be applied to equipment before use.
Worthy Moor running days
  1. Attendance at Worthy Moor is restricted to members and their family bubble only. NO GUESTS.
  2. Committee members are tasked with "policing" the guidelines and will act as necessary (Including asking offenders to leave!)
  3. A Track Marshal shall be appointed for each running day. Please respect his instructions.
  4. Members wishing to run engines must book with the Hon. Secretary, who will ensure than no more than 6 people will be on site at any time.
  5. The Track Marshall will take a record of all attendees. The Track Marshall must be satisfied that a valid and current boiler certificate is in force for each steam locomotive, and ensure that the running book is filled in.
  6. Only one locomotive can be prepared on each steaming bay. Please use the far end of the steaming bay so that distance can be maintained.
  7. Steam locomotive operators must access water and coal themselves, and wear gloves.
  8. Locomotives (steam or electric) can only join the track when authorised to do so by the Track Marshall and must leave the track when requested.
  9. A maximum of four locomotives can operate on the track at any one time.
  10. The club's riding cars may be used, but they MUST be wiped clean before and after use.
  11. No passengers are allowed EXCEPT for members of the drivers' family bubble.
  12. Only one person (and their bubble members) is permitted to drive a locomotive. This includes non-steam locomotives

There is enough space on site to maintain Social Distancing of spectators. However, due to the Rule of Six, spectators should book in advance with the Hon. Secretary. If it is deemed that it is becoming overcrowded, we will ask those who have been on site longest to leave. Bench seats and chairs must be sanitised after use. AM/PM runners are requested to do some maintenance in the other time slot.

Visits to Worthy Moor at other times
  1. Any visits to Worthy Moor outside the normal steaming days MUST be booked in advance with the Hon. Secretary.
  2. Members must provide notice in writing/email to the Hon. Secretary of the date and time and other attendees. The loco and boiler certificate details must also be given.

Last updated on 23rd April 2021