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The society holds 3 organised meetings each month - a steam-up on the first Saturday, at our Worthy Moor track; a meeting on the second Friday at The Old Heathcoat School Community Centre at 7:30 p.m.; and a Sunday steam-up, again at Worthy Moor, 9 days after the Friday meeting.

Note that, as an experiment, this winter we will be holding the Friday meetings at 2:30 p.m.

Working parties meet at the club track on Worthy Moor each Tuesday and occasionally on Wednesdays. Members are advised to phone Tim, Chris C or Adrian to check.

We have also scheduled some maintenance days to be held at Worthy Moor, and we would encourage all members and friends to come along and keep our site looking good.

Finally, we have arranged some designated boiler testing days, and would encourage all club members with boilers that need certificates to try to attend one of these sessions. Please let the boiler testers (names and numbers on the club forum) know in advance if you are attending.

Here is a list of dates for the next 12 months. Please note that some events, especially those more than 6 months ahead, may be subject to change. Visit this page regularly to keep up with any changes or additions.





-------- 2019 --------

November 2nd Afternoon/evening steam-up Worthy Moor
  8th John Jasper from Coldharbour Mill
Postponed from September
  17th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
December 7th Steam-up Worthy Moor
  12th Society Christmas Dinner
Note new date
The Beer Engine
Newton St. Cyres
  22nd Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor

-------- 2020 --------

January 4th Monthly steam-up Worthy Moor
  10th Talk by hydraulic engineer Ed Wilson OHSCC at 14:30
Note new time
  15th Committee Meeting Worthy Moor
  19th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
February 1st Monthly steam-up Worthy Moor
  14th Anthony Mount - talking about his latest projects. OHSCC at 14:30
Note new time
  23rd Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
March 7th Monthly steam-up Worthy Moor
  13th Jonathan Edmunds on George and Robert Stephenson OHSCC at 14:30
Note new time
  22nd Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
  28th Boiler testing day Worthy Moor
April 4th Steam-up Worthy Moor
  17th Annual General Meeting
Moved from 10th as it is Good Friday
  19th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
May 2nd Steam-up Worthy Moor
  8th VE Day Evening steam-up/barbecue Worthy Moor
  17th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
  24th Boiler testing day Worthy Moor
June 6th Summer Open Day Worthy Moor
  12th Bits & Pieces/Bring & Buy OHSCC
  21st Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
July 4th Steam-up Worthy Moor
  10th Meeting OHSCC
  19th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
August 1st Steam-up Worthy Moor
  7th Meeting OHSCC
  16th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
September 5th Steam-up Worthy Moor
  11th Meeting OHSCC
  20th Sunday Steam-up Worthy Moor
October 3rd Steam-up Worthy Moor
  9th Meeting OHSCC
  18th Autumn Open Day Worthy Moor

Last updated on 10th November 2019